blog 63: In which I play catch-up with the news.

ONCE AGAIN all my good intentions to blog regularly have fallen by the wayside! So here’s a brief and random catch-up of everything I can remember happening since last time I posted.

  • I spent a lot of time at my messy desk, drinking coffee, playing with toys and finishing the draft of a new novel which features a teenage girl narrator.

CAM00884  CAM00922

  • I started work writing two new stories for this guy. (Any suggestions on weird and slightly insane evil world domination plots, along with even weirder and more insane ways to stop them, would be gratefully accepted.)


  • I went for lots of early morning walks – something that always helps my writing immensely. One day I ran into this massive thing and was stuck for three hours! But I got no sympathy at all. My wife just complained about how much time I’d been spending on the web. (Boom! Tish!)

web 002

  • I took part in my third Readers Vs Writers Challenge at Strathpine Library. I had a lot of fun with fellow writers Julie Nickerson and Trent Jamieson, but eventually my worst fears were confirmed.

CAM00928-001  CAM00950

  • I didn’t get around to reading any of those books I bought.


  • I received the following exciting news:

Two different theatre companies in Dresden and Vienna put on stage versions of Don’t Call Me Ishmael (Nennt mich nicht Ismael). You can catch a glimpse of the very innovative Dresden production HERE.

The Eric Vale series was taken up by its 7 th different overseas publisher which was such a thrill for Joe and me. The latest was an English language version for India.

The 10th anniversary edition of The Running Man was released which I love. I’m very happy and honoured to have quotes from Markus Zusak (The Book Thief)  and Barry Heard (Well Done Those Men) featuring.


os Eric                os Eric 2

  • I visited these great schools: Carmel College, Varsity College, Marist Ashgrove (my old school!) Somerville House, St Peters Lutheran, Aviation High and All Saints Merrimac.

CAM00934  CAM00952

  • I met the amazing new Deputy of Somerville House. Apparently she’s managed to EX-TER-MIN-ATE all discipline problems in the school. (Not that I could imagine those intelligent and beautiful girls causing any problems in the first place!)


  • I had occasional lapses sticking to my Pathetically Small Potions Starvation Diet.


  • I forgot to Blog.



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7 Responses to blog 63: In which I play catch-up with the news.

  1. Maureen says:

    Great blog Michael! Very entertaining


  2. Dimity Powell says:

    I feel full just reading about you. 😛


  3. elaineouston says:

    Wow! 7 overseas publishing deals for Eric Vale. Well done you! Congratulations, Michael, on all your achievements.


  4. Sam says:

    Readers vs Writers was a great night!


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