dinosaur knights

“The opening in the forest before them was an eerie jumble of shapes and shadows … Roland and Oswald strained their eyes … finding imaginary monsters in the bulky bushes and arching tree limbs. Then they saw a real one.”

Somewhere in the future a scientist is conducting the experiment of his life – stretching time to bring a living dinosaur to the present. But the giant prehistoric beast is stranded in the Middle Ages. There, a boy desperate to be a knight and his unwilling brother must face their fear and do battle.     


An original and adrenalin-pumping adventure yarn that grips the reader from the first page and doesn’t let go. (Barry Jonsberg)

The writing is so good that I was gripped by all three time-threads. Simply fabulous, and what literature should be like more often. (Story Time Books)

A gripping yarn that ends all too quickly and leaves you wanting more. (Fiction Focus)

The story unfolds into a yarn filled with near misses, really bad people and a carnivorous dinosaur at the heart of the dragon myths. This is a bit of a long stretch but Bauer makes it work with aplomb. The book is great fun and very exciting. (Reading Time)



  Australian Edition            German Edition             German Paperback



 TEACHERS NOTES: Scholastic Australia

At the London Natural History Museum with baryonyx walkeri fossil display.

Writing Dinosaur Knights with a little help from my friends.

2 Responses to dinosaur knights

  1. Sharni O'sullivan says:

    I love this book I think it would make a great movie


    • mgbauer says:

      Thanks for that Sharni! It was fun writing that book because it’s quite different in style from my other novels. I like your movie idea because as I was writing the scenes I think I was imagining it as a film. Also just recently I was thinking it might make a good graphic novel. Cheers Michael


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