blog 64: In which amazingly, I remember seven things.

Well it only seems like about 30 days since my last blog, but already a whole month has flown by!

Here are seven things I remember happening in that time.

1. A whole ‘marathon’ of brand new special 10th anniversary editions of The Running Man turned up at my door. As soon as they arrived I sat down and read every book in the box and I have to say, that the consistency across the board is amazing! In fact, I found it almost impossible to choose which one I liked the best. And I’m not just saying that because I’m the author.


2. My wife and I spent Easter with some friends at Tewantin near Noosa. This was not hard to take.

2014-04-17 17.16.13 2014-04-17 17.22.59

3. I was back at the Sunshine Coast of Queensland soon after to take part in the Voices on the Coast Literary Festival along with a whole bunch of wonderful authors.  The festival was great. During my stay I shared a room with fellow author and lovely man Richard Harland and his fabulous steam-punk guitar.

    2014-04-22 15.36.13        2014-04-22 16.41.08         2014-04-22 16.43.04

4. I went for my regular walks around my suburb and occasionally found something interesting to photograph. One of the photos below, to quote a well-known rhyme, is “a symbol of my native land. You can stick it in a bottle you can hold it in your hand.”  (Warning:  Don’t get the two of them mixed up. As I discovered to my horror, the water dragon doesn’t appreciate it.)

2014-01-014  CAM00875

5. We commemorated Anzac Day here in Australia which made me think particularly of my grandfather Arthur who fought at Gallipoli.

scan0068       SAM_0580

6. Joe and I were thrilled to see Eric Vale Super Male make the 2014 CBCA Notables list for Younger Readers. Super effort Eric!

covercartoons1a covercartoons1

7. At present I’m continuing to work on the second Secret Agent Derek ‘Danger’ Dale Adventure and looking forward to the illustrator’s (my son Joe’s) wedding in under a week.



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