♣ Free Downloadable TEACHERS’ NOTES are available from Scholastic Australia for all my books. Click on the following links.

♣ Learncast NSW recorded a series of short interviews with me at the Sydney Writers Festival which covered the following topics:

♣ Interview by Matthew Mottola of De La Salle College Malvern August 2014.

♣ Interviewed by Natalie Hatch on WE Love YA.

♣ Interviewed on Gabrielle Wang’s Blog.

♣ Interviewed by Debbie Kahl on We Love YA.

 ♣ Interviewed by Renee Taprell on Books for Little Hands.

♣ Eric Vale interview with Joe Bauer on Readings.

Book Trailer for Eric Vale Epic Fail by Joe Bauer.

Book Trailer for Derek Dale 1 by Joe Bauer.

♣ School visits and appearances can be organised through BOOKED OUT SPEAKERS AGENCY. A video outlining some of what I do in school presentations can be found here. There is also an author profile page.

FACEBOOK: Further links, images, information, news and resources can be found on facebook at Michael Gerard Bauer Author. Feel free to ‘Like’ the page!


  1. Bea Vanders says:

    I am not surprised you have done something more spectacular. You were not only the best English teacher I had, you were the most influential teacher in my education. I was a lazy student but you made me feel passionate about literature. Bianca Vanderkroft (Lorenzen)


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Bianca
      So lovely to hear from you! Thank you for those too kind comments. Looking back I sometimes think if I returned to teaching I would do it better, but it’s nice to hear that I might have got it right occasionally. I would be thrilled to think I helped someone fall in love with words like I did.


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