♣ Free Downloadable TEACHERS’ NOTES are available from Scholastic Australia for all my books. Click on the following links.

♣ Learncast NSW recorded a series of short interviews with me at the Sydney Writers Festival which covered the following topics:

♣ Interview by Matthew Mottola of De La Salle College Malvern August 2014.

♣ Interviewed by Natalie Hatch on WE Love YA.

♣ Interviewed on Gabrielle Wang’s Blog.

♣ Interviewed by Debbie Kahl on We Love YA.

 ♣ Interviewed by Renee Taprell on Books for Little Hands.

♣ Eric Vale interview with Joe Bauer on Readings.

Book Trailer for Eric Vale Epic Fail by Joe Bauer.

Book Trailer for Derek Dale 1 by Joe Bauer.

♣ School visits and appearances can be organised through BOOKED OUT SPEAKERS AGENCY. A video outlining some of what I do in school presentations can be found here. There is also an author profile page.

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  1. Belinda Hayes says:

    Hi Michael

    My daughter is reading The Running Man for school this year.
    I wondering if you could assist in helping me find an audio version.

    Much thanks


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Belinda
      I’ve had a number of inquiries about this in the past. Unfortunately the audio version of TRM is no longer being produced. Your best bet would be to try the local council library to see if they have one or can get one in for you from another library. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


  2. Bea Vanders says:

    I am not surprised you have done something more spectacular. You were not only the best English teacher I had, you were the most influential teacher in my education. I was a lazy student but you made me feel passionate about literature. Bianca Vanderkroft (Lorenzen)


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Bianca
      So lovely to hear from you! Thank you for those too kind comments. Looking back I sometimes think if I returned to teaching I would do it better, but it’s nice to hear that I might have got it right occasionally. I would be thrilled to think I helped someone fall in love with words like I did.


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