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blog 103: In which I say ‘Cheers & Thanks’ to Germany and post a video.

Apart from at home here in Australia, my books have been most successful in Germany. As well as having nine books presently published in the country, there has also been a radio broadcast of the complete Ishmael series, short-listings and … Continue reading

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blog 95: In which I suddenly realise it’s December!

It’s the last month of 2016. If this year is following the pattern of previous years, by my calculations, that means it’s December! Back on September 12 when I last wrote, I ended my blog with this bold statement: I’m making a … Continue reading

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blog 92: In which I put on my serious face and talk about PARALLEL IMPORTS

What are Parallel Import Restrictions (PIRs)? At present in Australia, the UK and USA, an author owns territorial rights to their work. This means that they can sell their book to one publisher in Australia, one in America and another in … Continue reading

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REBLOG #7 (a blog from the backlog!) blog 16: In which I speak out of school

A question from a teacher as we made our way through a school playground narrowly avoiding riots and food fights. Teacher: Michael, do you ever miss full-time teaching? Me: Would it be rude and insensitive if I just laughed hysterically about now? ———————————————————————- … Continue reading

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blog 75: In which I say a brief and belated goodbye to the last two months of 2014.

My brief recap on November and December: I had my last school visit for the year talking to the Year 9s at Mt Gravatt High who had studied Don’t Call Me Ishmael. Great kids, great school. I managed to break our duster … Continue reading

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blog 74: In which I attempt to break the Internet. READ ON!

Well it’s my first blog of 2015 and already I’m behind schedule! Not good. Here’s the thing. I have a desperate need to upgrade my Social networking skills, because in March this year I’m part of a seminar session at the Somerset Celebration of Literature Festival … Continue reading

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blog 69: In which I recap 20 things that happened during May and June.

1. My son Joe (illustrator of Eric Vale and Derek Dale) married his partner Rita. A very happy day for the Bauer clan! 2. I went to the CBCA Conference in Canberra where I was on the opening session with … Continue reading

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RE-BLOG! blog 26: In which I suggest ten sure-fire ways to cope with a bad review.

After CONSTANT HARASSMENT from readers, I’ve decided to start a regular feature of RE-BLOGGING selected past posts. Now I know some people will think I’m doing this because I’ve run completely out of new ideas. Well I’m sorry, but that is just WRONG and … Continue reading

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blog 63: In which I play catch-up with the news.

ONCE AGAIN all my good intentions to blog regularly have fallen by the wayside! So here’s a brief and random catch-up of everything I can remember happening since last time I posted. I spent a lot of time at my messy … Continue reading

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blog 58: In which AustrALIENS invade!

When I’m not tying him to a chair and making him illustrate my ERIC VALE books, my son Joe makes films with his partner Rita Artmann (ARTSPEAR ENTERTAINMENT). Shortly Joe is about to start illustrating the first of 3 spin-off … Continue reading

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