Warning: AUSTRALIENS set to invade!

This Friday our amazing son Joe Bauer and our equally amazing daughter-in-law Rita Artmann who together form Artspear Entertainment will be premiering their second full length feature film here in Brisbane. It’s an hilarious sci-fi comedy called AUSTRALIENS about a bizarre alien attack on Australia.

It will be shown simultaneously in two cinemas and tickets must be purchased before hand. If you are in or around Brisbane on Friday 7th Nov we’d love to see you there.

All the details and how to book a ticket for the second cinema can be found HERE.

Here’s just a taste of what you are in for:




Even our car has a starring role. And it’s wheely good!

10678768_456203117851416_6616684204111718970_n SAM_1239a

Joe’s poster illustration of the cast and crew. Can you spot my wife and me in there somewhere?


Cartoon of crew and cast-001

Adrie – shoot caterer extraordinaire!

SAM_1205 SAM_1243

14002_10204528305063314_1582223196639340769_n AALIENS

Don’t blink during the screening or you might miss these two cool dudes!



Super proud parents and parents-in-law with AUSTRALIENS co-writer, producer and actor, Rita Artmann and writer, director, actor, editor and special effects guy, Joe Bauer!


Don’t forget, get your TICKETS HERE!


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    Brisbanites – support a local lad and our local film industry, and make me proud!


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