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blog 71: In which I explain my key role in the history of SINKING.

Remember the short-lived craze of PLANKING? You know, where people would lie horizontally like a plank in various weird and unexpected places? Well, I was sorting through some old photos recently, and I was reminded of the little known fact … Continue reading

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REBLOG #4: blog 24: In which I list The Top Ten Reasons for Making a List.

“The List is an absolute good. The List is life!” (Itzhak Stern – Schindler’s List) Itzhak Stern of course had very good reasons for liking the particular list referred to in the above quote, but while not every list may … Continue reading

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blog 70: In which I post a tiny poem from the past.

From┬ámy 1999 diary, a year before I resigned from my teaching job to try to write my first novel.   The Words I will lay them down like jewels Like sleeping children Like gold foil – delicate and fragile. I … Continue reading

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blog 69: In which I recap 20 things that happened during May and June.

1. My son Joe (illustrator of Eric Vale and Derek Dale) married his partner Rita. A very happy day for the Bauer clan! 2. I went to the CBCA Conference in Canberra where I was on the opening session with … Continue reading

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