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blog 68: In which I post ONE picture and THREE videos that might just change your life! (Although I can’t imagine how).

This big box of twenty copies of Secret Agent Derek ‘Danger’ Dale: The Case of Animals Behaving Really REALLY Badly just arrived at my front door so to mark the occasion I thought I’d post some relevant VIDEOS. First up, here’s … Continue reading

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REBLOG #3: blog 30 (or blog 29 unblocked!) In which I REALLY DO outline 10 sure-fire ways to beat writers’ block!

Yes it’s another exciting dip into the ancient blog vault! PLUS it contains some never seen before added words and pictures! Hey, ever suffered from WRITER’S BLOCK? You haven’t? Well no one likes a clever dick! But for the rest of humanity, … Continue reading

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blog 66: In which I take part in a BLOG HOP.

My friend and super-talented Brisbane-based poet, critic and editor Zenobia Frost has invited me to take part in a blog hop. It goes like this: I ask myself the following four questions, answer them and then pass the baton on to three fellow writers to … Continue reading

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blog 65: In which, due to a blog upgrade, I post some actual VIDEOS!

Previously I’ve only been able to post links to videos, but now, at great personal expense to myself, I’m able to post the real thing! To celebrate this amazing milestone, here are a few oldies but goldies. Joe and I … Continue reading

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