blog 59: In which I post 10 shocking and astounding things.

Ok, one of my resolutions for 2014 has GOT to be to blog more regularly!

Once again it’s been quite a long time between drinks. Sorry. (Unless you hate reading these blogs in which case, ‘You’re welcome!’)

Anyway, in order to bring everything up to date, here’s a quick pictorial overview of TEN (10) things that have happened to me in recent times that are sure to shock and astound you! (With the possible exception of the ones that you don’t find interesting at all.)

Hold on to your hats!

1. I said “Hi!” to Anna in Germany who wrote to tell me how much she liked the Ishmael books.


2. I accidentally stumbled across the Tardis trying to disguise itself as an old outside toilet in a Brisbane backyard. When someone asked me if I’d spotted the Doctor as well I said, “Nuh,nuh,nuh,nuh-nuh,nuh-nuh,nuh,nuh,nuh!” (BOOM! TISH!)


3. I started up a one-man campaign to save the adverb and I’m pleased to report that it all went real excellent.


4. I delivered plenty of writing workshops titled The Recipe for a Good Story but sadly always found myself stumped after just one ingredient.


5. I spent a lot of time at my desk – but not necessarily being productive. Some times I just took photos of my desk. Below is the result of one of those times. In the image I tried to capture my desk’s essential ‘deskness’. I like to call this shot, “Photo of My Desk”. If you study it closely my desk will slowly reveal itself to you. As a point of interest, I am actually sitting at my desk as I type this. Perhaps you’d like to see a photo? Well here’s one I prepared earlier …


 6. I went on lots of early morning walks and occasionally took photos as I did so. Photos of things like … the Jacarandas in bloom …


… a kookaburra sitting in an old gum tree …


… bark peeling artistically …


… and lots of tiny random bugs.


7. One morning in our bathroom, I caught a wild gecko with my bare hands and no one even had the decency to compliment me on my bravery!

                 CAM00505-001   CAM00510

8. On one occasion I accidentally took a photo of my feet at a book launch. (Can you tell that I’m starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel now?)


9. One day in my own backyard, life imitated art. Unfortunately you can’t see me just to the right of the photo about to enter with a rake.

  scan0051  CAM00449

10. My wife and I bought comfortable new reclining lounge chairs. On the first night while watching TV, I fell asleep in mine …


… for approximately three days.


Well, that’s it I’m afraid. I sincerely hope I haven’t shocked and astounded you too much with these startling glimpses inside my amazing life. I know it can be very confronting to some people, but it’s just the way I roll!


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8 Responses to blog 59: In which I post 10 shocking and astounding things.

  1. jillswrites says:

    Thanks for starting the new year with a resolution to blog more, love your pics. My resolution is to read more of your books because I love your Ismael series and have been told ‘Just a Dog’ is a must read. My biggest regret for 2013 is that I didn’t get to the GCW’s meeting when you spoke. I had Granma duties!


  2. Dyan says:

    I am very* deeply* inexplicably * oddly concerned by a) the wierd* peculiar* unusual* unnatural* bugs which appear to be in epidemic and highly destructive proportions and b) the cruel and unnatural imminent use of a rake. I am challenged by the adverb but at ease with the adjective. I like your chairs. These may be more comments than that blog actually deserved.


  3. Can’t wait for those desk shots reincarnated with tinsel in that case. You’re right. You need to post more often. More frequent rises in serotonin would benefit me no end. 🙂


  4. Sam says:

    I expect you are waiting a call from the folks at Guinness (records, not brewery…but either, either, I guess)!

    Love the photo of the tree bark.

    Thanks for an entertaining year of blog posts, Michael. Looking forward to more next year.


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