blog 58: In which AustrALIENS invade!

When I’m not tying him to a chair and making him illustrate my ERIC VALE books, my son Joe makes films with his partner Rita Artmann (ARTSPEAR ENTERTAINMENT).


Shortly Joe is about to start illustrating the first of 3 spin-off books to the Eric Vale Series featuring the mad adventures of Eric’s own creation SECRET AGENT DEREK ‘DANGER’ DALE.

(Don’t forget you can see Joe’s animated trailer for the very first Eric Vale book HERE.)


In the meantime and in between times, Joe will be working on the editing and post-production special effects of Artspear Entertainment’s latest feature film, a sci-fi comedy called AUSTRALIENS about an alien invasion of Australia (Brisbane in particular). Joe and Rita produced the film and starred in it and Joe is also the writer, director, editor and special effects dude.


There’s a way to go before it comes out in 2014 but the first trailer has just been completed. So for an exciting taste of things to come, CLICK HERE!


For more info on the film, fabulous photos of the shoot and updates on the post production, you can check out and LIKE the AUSTRALIENS facebook page HERE .

Also, as well as their Artspear Entertainment website they also have a facebook page which is very LIKE – able too!

If you do happen to like what you see and read, I’d love you to support these guys by liking and/or subscribing to their various pages and videos etc.  They’re young, hardworking, enthusiastic, super-talented, cute as buttons and most importantly, related to me.

And finally, just because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I like, here’s a recent picture of me with a Mr Mosely puppy lookalike and another one of the new Hebrew editions of Don’t Call Me Ishmael and Just a Dog.

SAM_2062   SAM_2064


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