Blog #18 2020: DAY THIRTEEN

DAY THIRTEEN – unlucky for some. But not for us because it’s our last full day of hotel quarantine!

So how did we spend the day? Well, I’m glad you asked.

~ We woke up. Had a cup of tea. Face-timed with our daughter and grand-cutie in Melbourne. Checked emails and social media and the News. Watched some ABC Morning Breakfast. Ard did some washing. I had a shower.


Continental breakfast today.

~ After that we did some reading. Ard also did sudoku. And then Ard and I competed in the HOTEL CHAMPIONSHIP LONG-DISTANCE BASKETBALL-SHOT CHALLENGE.

Ard missing YET AGAIN. Although she did eventually run out the winner 7 – 2. (Her effort however was clouded in controversy due to foot-faults and performance-enhancing-drug issues.)

~ In order to recuperate from that grueling burst of exercise we wound down by watching the final two episodes of the mystery/crime series THE HEAD on SBS on Demand.


Beef salad etc

~ Following lunch and a cup of coffee and some more reading Ard started to get a little restless and agitated and complained she was sick of the sight of my face all the time so …

~ After that, things were a little tense.

Me: Hey Ard, you know how the killing of a father is called patricide; is there a word for the killing of a husband?

Ard: Justifiable homicide?

Hahahahahahaha! She is such a joker!

~ Anyway Ard then started on her aerobics routine and with Little Richard screaming “Lucille!” at me I started work on some of TODAY’S BLOG.

~ Firstly, I did the what would sadly be the last QLD SPORTING TEAM CITYCAT OF THE DAY.


(Strangely enough I didn’t ever see a BRONCOS CITYCAT. But after their season this year it probably burnt to the waterline or sank.)

~ Then I did the last HOTEL FEATURE OF THE DAY.

And because it has provided us with much pleasure, variety, distraction and beauty, as well as a convenient place to hang washing during our quarantine, the HOTEL FEATURE OF THE DAY for Thursday Oct 29th just had to be …


Some people might think you’re a pane, but we love you (Boom! Tish!)

Thanks for the memories …

The video is even better if you make your own motor-boat noises as it plays.

~ Then I took a break, watched some TV and did some packing. Ard had a shower and read and then …


Butter Chicken

~ So now as our final night in quarantine draws to a close, it’s time for an episode of The Good Fight, a bit of reading and an early night.

Just as soon as I finish off these SURPLUS SNACKS.


Purple, Green and Blue. The STORY BRIDGE turning it on for our last night.
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2 Responses to Blog #18 2020: DAY THIRTEEN

  1. Kathryn Apel says:

    You’re a bag of laughs, Michael. And Ard is nothing if not long-suffering. It’s been kinda fun being virtually quarantined with you.


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