Blog #14 2020: Hotel Quarantine DAY NINE

Hi all.

Well it continues to be an action-packed roller-coaster ride of excitement here.

Last night for the AFL GRAND FINAL the Story Bridge was lit up in both Geelong and Richmond colours.

And would you believe, at the very moment I was trying to take the photos, a massive UFO landed on the river and I managed to catch it on film just before it shot vertically into the night sky and vanished with a super-sonic boom.

Probably not something you see every day.

And while we’re speaking of the river, the QLD SPORTING TEAM CITYCAT OF THE DAY is …


Today Ard wisely decided against sewing the sheets together to fashion an escape rope which means that she now has finished all her sewing projects and is therefore at a bit of a loose end.

But the good news for me is it means that finally all her sewing patterns and equipment have disappeared from the CHAISE-LOUNGE/DIVAN/SOFA thingy and I can finally use it!

However …

And …

But all is not lost. I have got my name down on a waiting list and I’m really looking forward to hearing some good news maybe in the day or two.

Ok I can’t delay any longer. I’m worried the tension might become too great from some readers. So here it is – the HOTEL ROOM FEATURE OF THE DAY!

And today’s worthy recipient is …

Yes it’s the DOUBLE PLUG POINT/DOUBLE USB CHARGER COMBO. You can’t have too many charging ports and these beauties are sprinkled liberally around the room.

And finally just to finished off, congratulations to the Lady Broncos NRL team for their third Premiership win in a row and also to the Brisbane Marriott kitchen staff for yet another delicious daily menu.

Cheers (and go the STORM!)


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2 Responses to Blog #14 2020: Hotel Quarantine DAY NINE

  1. Ged Maybury says:

    It is so valuable to me – that I can be assured every day that my life is less boring that someone else’s. Thank you so much, Michael – for serving humanity in this way.


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