Blog #13 2020: Hotel Quarantine DAY EIGHT

Ok in the last blog I cleverly FORESHADOWED (devious writer’s trick) that today some BIG CHANGES WOULD BE HAPPENING.

And LOOK I wasn’t kidding – NEW SHEETS, TOWELS AND BATHROOM STUFF have arrived!

Now the thing is, even though we are staying at a 5 STAR hotel, the 5 STAR service stops just outside our door.

Which means of course that as far as Ard and I are concerned – WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE NEED TO BE!

Therefore not too surprisingly, my HOTEL FEATURE OF THE DAY for Saturday Oct 24th is …


And apparently, they tell me that now we’ve made our bed, we get to lie in it!

The only worrying side-light to all of this change-over activity is that Ard has now started sewing all the old sheets, pillow cases and towels together end to end.

I suppose I should point out to her that it’s a futile task since we’re 14 floors up and the one big window we have doesn’t even open, but hey, it’s keeping her happy and occupied so every piece of dirty laundry has a silver lining.

And while we’re on the subject of regular blog features, the QLD SPORTING TEAM CITYCAT OF THE DAY is …


Thought it was appropriate to feature the BRISBANE LIONS on this historic day in Australian sport when for the first time in the history of the Game (due to the pandemic) the Big Dance aka the AFL Grand Final will be played at the GABBA right here in Brisbane and not at the MCG in Melbourne. And to celebrate this great occasion, we’ve really turned on the Sunshine State weather for you!

Sadly the mighty Brisbane Lions fell at the semi-final hurdle and therefore possibly missed what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to play a grand final in their home town. (But I wouldn’t advise whining about it to this year’s Brisbane Broncos NRL team!)

Now, anyone want a closer look at our meals? No? Well here’s today’s BREAKFAST anyway. Neither of us are much into pancakes and ice-cream for breakfast but it was still nice.

On our fresh air break today the walking course was limited to the undercover area around the pool because of the rain. Normally there’s a side section you can walk down as well.

We usually just walk for the whole half hour. In today’s walk, which as you can see was pretty deserted because of the wet weather, Ard managed to lap me consistently every five or six circuits of the pool.

I have no hard proof of course, but its pretty obvious that she’s a drug cheat.

And just to finish off, this photo was among the FACEBOOK MEMORIES that popped up on my page today.

Seems eerily appropriate somehow.


PS: The answers to yesterday’s inter-textual link films were (1) GROUNDHOG DAY (because of the lines from the Sonny and Cher song that plays every time Bill Murray wakes up) and (2) BLADE RUNNER (because of the bucket-list that mentions attack ships off the shoulder of Orion etc)

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