blog 47: In which I get back into the game!

It’s been far too long since I’ve blogged, however never fear. I have now returned with a fierce determination to write often and incisively on the big issues that confront us all on a daily basis, and fearlessly addressing them in a way that cuts right through to the beating heart of what it means to be a human being living on Planet Earth in the 21st Century.

Failing that, I’ll just rabbit on about things and make stuff up as usual.

First up – a brief recap of recent history to bring us up-to-date.

Well, 2012 finished in a frenzy of activity for me with the release of Eric Vale Epic Fail and the writing of the next two stories in the series. (Eric Vale Super Male comes out in Australia in April). So far EVEF has received some lovely reviews, none more epically lovely than THIS ONE.

Then Christmas came …


… and went.

Then it was a new year and following a long-honoured tradition they called it one more than the last year, and it became 2013. That’s about when my writing motivation and inspiration went into self-imposed hibernation, had a near death experience and has only just begun to emerge with sleepy eyes, bad breath and hibernation hair, back into the world.

One exciting thing that has happened so far this year already has been that my son Joe (who illustrates the Eric Vale series) and his partner Rita completed the shooting of their second feature film Australiens. It’s a comedy sci-fi about an alien invasion of Australia – specifically Brisbane. (My wife catered for a lot of the filming and she and I have tiny non-speaking roles as MIB agents.)

SAM_1111a    226673_198328786972185_1522622406_na3

You can find out all about Australiens HERE as well as see hundreds and hundreds of fantastic photos from the shoot and read about other amazing Artspear productions. You could also watch this TEASER.

Another exciting thing was that my wife and I got to spend a few days in Melbourne with our beautiful and talented daughter Meg.

SAM_1289-001Also since I last blogged Templar Publishing UK have posted trailers for each book in the Ishmael series here, here, here, and there. (WARNING: Extreme close-ups of my face may upset some viewers!)

And for anyone who might like the Ishmael Series, I’ve set up a special facebook page THE ISHMAEL TRILOGY – MICHAEL GERARD BAUER. This page contains a never-ending supply of quotes, trivia, little known facts, photos, competitions, news and links about all things Ishmael. If you’re an ISHMAELITE, you could do worse than ‘LIKE’ the page!

If you want more general news about me and my writing, there’s always my facebook author page at MICHAEL GERARD BAUER AUTHOR.

OK, I think that brings us fairly much up to date now.

The rest of the year ahead is already looking exciting and busy.

  • Just a Dog has been out in the US for a few months and seems to going well, so hopefully that will continue.
  • Some further overseas editions of my books will be coming out this year so I’ll post about them when they do.
  • Eric Vale Epic Fail will be travelling to overseas bookfairs early on in the year, so my fingers (and Joe’s) are crossed that it finds some new homes. The lovely and awesome folk at Hanser in Germany are already taking it on.
  • As well as visiting a lot of schools in and around Brisbane, so far this year I am also travelling to Adelaide (three times), Sydney, Western Australia (Albany, Geraldton, Port Headland, Newman & Fremantle with The Literature Centre), Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Emerald & Cairns Qld, Wangaratta Vic, and Melbourne (twice, including the MWF) doing school visits and festivals.
  • And as far as new writing goes, apart from some smaller pieces, my main focus this year hopefully will be on a serious young adult novel – the one I was supposed to write last year before three Eric Vales took over my life!

Finally, if you’re looking for a great book to read (and who isn’t?), then hot off the presses, I highly recommend MY LIFE AS AN ALPHABET by the amazing Barry Jonsberg.

Cheers all

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3 Responses to blog 47: In which I get back into the game!

  1. Gabbie says:

    thankyou : )


  2. Gabbie says:

    Excuse me Mr Bauer, but could you PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE post again soon? Your blogs are always so funny and interesting!


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