1. ANYONE can buy a Rabbit book at EASTER – that’s so PREDICTABLE and BORING. But buying a Rabbit book at CHRISTMAS makes you seem WILD and EDGY!

2. If you DON’T BUY A COPY then at Play Care or Kindy or Primary School, when all the other little ones are gathered around the bubblers or sitting in the sandpit talking and laughing about RODNEY, your special little person might feel left out because of your thoughtlessness. Now I’m not trying to lay a GUILT TRIP on you here, but what kind of a MONSTER would risk that?!?

3. ALMOST every cent earned in ROYALTIES from the sale of the book will be spent THOUGHTFULLY and ETHICALLY by the illustrator and author on OTHER BOOKS, COFFEE and COMFORT FOOD. The remainder will be blown on NON-ESSENTIALS.

4. Unlike its predecessor RODNEY LOSES IT! the sequel RODNEY FORGETS IT! is actually a “HEART-WARMING story of GREAT BEAUTY with many important SOCIAL VALUES that every child in the country should be exposed to” .  (I put that last bit in inverted commas because I said it OUT LOUD as I typed it.)

5. I’ve already spent the ADVANCE.

6. I’m supposed to keep my wife in the MANNER TO WHICH SHE IS ACCUSTOMED and what not many people realise is that Adriana is actually the daughter of an INSANELY RICH Arab Oil Sheik and she was cruelly and unfairly cut from the family INHERITANCE for marrying, to quote her dad, “a commoner who is FAR MORE COMMON than most”. Nasty.

7. RODNEY LOSES IT! won the CBCA Award and everyone knows that sequels are always FAR BETTER than the original. Look no further than at Police Academy 2-7.

8. HIGHLY STRUNG and FORGETFUL rabbits are criminally under-represented in the vast canon of Australian Literature. You can help redress this SHAMEFUL IMBALANCE!

9. If you know me PERSONALLY there’s a good chance I will ask every special little person in your life if they have a copy of BOTH RODNEY books. What happens if they say NO? Do you really want to subject yourself to this level of EMBARASSMENT, HUMILIATION and ABUSE?

10. EVERY SINGLE PERSON* who buys a copy of RODNEY FORGETS IT! between now and Christmas will go into the DRAW to win a PRIZE PACK of RODNEY POST-IT NOTES and RODNEY STICKERS as seen below!

      * NB: To be eligible for the prize draw readers must ALSO:

  • send in a copy of your DATED  RECEIPT
  • post a PHOTO of yourself (smiling) with the book on a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM
  • submit a 300+ word GLOWING REVIEW on Goodreads or similar
  • absolve me of any responsibility regarding this competition
  • sign a non-disclosure clause
  • agree to not actually claim the prize


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