Blog #143: The year Marches on!

Marches. Like the month? Geddit? (Boom! Tish!)

Anyway, to bring you up to date with December, January and February, here’s a few things I remember and for which I have some PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF .

First there was CHRISTMAS.

Then we had a few rainy and cyclonically windy days at SURFERS (not always a) PARADISE on the GOLD COAST with some of the fam including our adorable grand-daughter and grandson.

My wife and I drove up to beautiful MALENY on the SUNSHINE COAST to check out Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World.

While there we auditioned for the remake of Hitchcock’s BIRDS …

… and I had my ear PIERCED for free.

On another day we visited the nearby ENOGGERA RESERVOIR and WAKABOUT CREEK DISCOVERY CENTRE.


Somewhere in there I scored a couple of new T-SHIRTS.

The local BUNYA PINE went nuts and threatened to kill any unsuspecting people foolish enough to spend too much time below its branches.

I read some good books.

I also massacred some songs on my guitar(s).

And meanwhile on the WRITING front as well as continuing to toil away on my never-ending YA NOVEL, the brilliant illustrator of RODNEY LOSES IT Chrissie Krebs made me some post-it notes so I wouldn’t forget that we had a SEQUEL coming out later this year.

I just can’t remember what it’s going to be called.

And on a final note I just wanted to send my best wishes to the tens of thousands of folk who were flooded and lost possessions including entire houses and businesses in the terrible rain event that hammered Brisbane and S/E Queensland and NSW recently. We were lucky (with only the relatively minor inconvenience of a new water feature appearing at our front door and threatening to come inside) but so many more people including some in our neighbourhood certainly were not.


‘Cause how many times can you wake up in this comic book and plant flowers? Sixto Rodriguez
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3 Responses to Blog #143: The year Marches on!

  1. Thank goodness the sunshine shines again! It was surreal watching Russia invade Ukraine while the rain pounded on our roof and Brisbane flood all around us. We are okay and glad you are too 🙂

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  2. Ged Maybury says:

    Uninvited water features are the worst of guests. They sleep on the floor (and evidence suggests some urinating too!) then leave without cleaning up after themselves. More trouble than they’re worth!


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