Blog #6 2020: Hotel Quarantine DAY ONE.

For the past 5 weeks my wife and I have been staying with our clever, gorgeous and hilarious one-year-old grand daughter and her proud parents down in Melbourne as Melburnians and Victorians in general have been continuing to heroically battle to bring the Covid-19 virus under control. (see photo below)

Covid-19 virus enlarged 10,000 times

But yesterday we flew back to Brisbane where we must now spend the next 2 weeks in hotel quarantine (guarded by Qld police, Federal police and the army) before being allowed to go to our home.

So this is DAY ONE of our 14 days locked down in a hotel room. Or it might be DAY TWO if we can count yesterday afternoon when we arrived as DAY ONE which I’m not sure we can, so as you can see we’re only in DAY ONE (or DAY TWO depending when you start the counting) and already I’ve started to lose some touch with reality and the passage of time!

Having said all that, if you are going to spend 14 days locked in a hotel room, the 5 star Brisbane Marriott Hotel in Queen Street is an excellent one to do it in.

We have a lovely spacious room here and the management is very obliging. (Of course, how lovely and spacious the room appears after seeing nothing but it for 14 days is yet to be discovered.)

Our room also has a beautiful view of the Brisbane River and the Story Bridge which as you can see by the shots below, is ever-changing. (Although perhaps not always changing the way one might hope.)

Also the meals (which mysteriously appear outside our door three times a day) have been very tasty and generous so far. See below. In fact if this keeps up for 14 days and we fail to develop some kind of Olympic style athlete fitness regime, they might need to widen the door or use a crane to extract us out of here!

Anyway in order to counteract all this possible over-eating and sedentary lifestyle, both my wife and I have planned a range of activities to keep ourselves busy and our minds and bodies active.

She’s doing lots of yoga, crosswords, sudoku and novel reading, plus she’s had her sewing machine delivered so she can complete a number of major sewing projects.

And I’m watching TV and seeing how long I can grow my hair and beard.

Somebody stop me!

Well that’s about all I’ve got time to blog about for now because I’ve got to … um …

Anyway until DAY TWO (or possibly DAY THREE depending on … well see above …) here’s some random photos of things that I think might have happened since the last time I blogged.



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3 Responses to Blog #6 2020: Hotel Quarantine DAY ONE.

  1. Colleen Dransfield says:

    I love that your wife had her sewing machine delivered. Smart idea to pass the time. You could request a skipping rope, no, not to tie your wife up with, to skip!! But I wonder if the folk below would appreciate you skipping. . . . .and skipping!
    As a Seenager of 71 with various bits of bionic woman in me (replaced hip, knee, spinal fusion) I don’t skip any more so I wouldn’t be bothering my housemates in the room below.
    Even though I am a Seenager I STILL read some of your books and thoroughly enjoy them.
    Hopefully this time will pass quickly.


  2. Elaine Ouston says:

    Glad you got home safely. Good luck with lockdown. I am claustrophobic so I would go crazy after day one. On the other hand, think about all the writing you could get done when you are not distracted by gardening and other home duties.


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