Blog #2 2020: In which we have absolutely the right kind of visitor.

It’s always lovely when writer friends are in town and drop in for a visit and it’s especially lovely when that visitor is the inaugural Australian Children’s Laureate (2012-13) BOORI MONTY PRYOR.

Besides being an award-winning author (PM’s Award 2011 for Shake a Leg), story-teller, actor, sportsman, model, film-maker, musician, DJ, basketball player/coach, public speaker, educator, Australian of the Year Nominee (2020), Master’s Games silver medallist and passionate promoter of Aboriginal culture, Boori hasn’t done much with his life is one of the most generous and beautiful people you could hope to meet.

In 2018, ABC iView released “Wrong Kind of Black” a drama series narrated by Boori and based on his life. In October 2019, it was nominated for an International Emmy.

If you haven’t seen WRONG KIND OF BLACK, you really should. I highly recommend it. It is brilliant. Go HERE.

Clarence Ryan is great as Borri Pryor in WRONG KIND OF BLACK.

While he was at our place Boori made this short video where he forced me to perform an outrageous act of self-promotion.

Finally, all my books keep mysteriously disappearing off library shelves so if you happen to see this man, contact Crime Stoppers on …


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