blog 80: In which JOE BAUER says, ‘Welcome to Jurassic World!”

My son Joe Bauer the illustrator of the Eric Vale and Derek ‘Danger’ Dale series has a new project underway creating animated trailers which take off  some of the upcoming big blockbuster films.

He’s kicked it off with this JURASSIC WORLD trailer (some Parental Guidance Recommended for younger viewers). Enjoy!

If you did enjoy that and want to see more trailers as they are released, you can LIKE Joe’s facebook page TOON SANDWICH.

And don’t forget, Joe and his wife Rita are independent filmmakers specialising in the comedy genre. You can see all their projects on their ARTSPEAR WEBSITE.

As we speak Artspear’s  most recent comedy feature film AUSTRALIENS has been accepted and will be showing in 12 film festivals in the USA this year. For a taste of the comedy action check out the awesome trailer.

And finally if you want to know how Joe creates some of those amazing special effects, take a look at Joe aka FEX from The Void lets you in on his movie magic!


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