blog 78: In which I look back over the past three months and try to remember what happened.

It’s the first of April. It’s true! Once again after promising much improved blogging in 2015 I have in fact delivered very little. As a result, I now have three months of my life to recap. Luckily for me, nothing much happens in my life, so this will be relatively easy.

Here’s some of the things that took place in January, February March of 2015.

1. Summer finally hit its stride and brought forth the cicadas.


2. My wife and I spent a couple of relaxing days on beautiful Bribie Island


… where I encountered a flying Dugong!


3. I completed a dozen or so very enjoyable school visits around Brisbane and S/E Queensland. Occasionally, people even attended!

CAM02494        CAM02543

4. For the first time ever, two of those school visits were with my son Joe Bauer – illustrator of the Eric Vale and Derek ‘Danger’ Dale series. Proud Dad!


5.  I was also lucky enough to get invited to stunning Sydney for a day to talk at St Aloysius College on the harbour.


6. I had a great time being part of the wonderful Somerset Celebration of Literature Festival on the Gold Coast. There I caught up with lots of fantastic authors/illustrators, was honoured to launch James Moloney’s new book Bridget, melted on a 35 degree day in a marquee and was turned into a living face-palm.


7. I had a lot of fun being a member of the Authors’ Team at the Kids Lit Quiz with Sheryl Gwyther and Alison and Nicholas Lochel. We came a creditable third.


8. My wife and I took a Thai cooking class at a local Asian cafe where we really rocked these aprons.


9. I completed a YA ms that I’d been working on for some time and was thrilled that it was given the thumbs up by my fabulous publishers Omnibus/Scholastic. When it eventually comes out in book form, it may or may not be called this …



10. I got a look at the cover for the third Secret Agent Derek ‘Danger’ Dale book which features the first appearance of a bomb disposal expert called Krazy Kev Kaboom.

scan0189   scan0027

11. I continued to see interesting and sometimes confusing things on my regular walks around the local suburb.

CAM02585-1 10322749_10205652975831125_8347419612532436479_n CAM02475-1 11082572_10205660504339333_8663134151532974857_n

12. Joe and his wife Rita’s second feature film the sci-fi comedy AUSTRALIENS had its second showing on the big screen at Event Cinemas Robina this week. Now it’s heading for the Film Festival circuit and then hopefully one day, a DVD/BLU-RAY near you!


And thus endeth my selection of the highlights from the first quarter of 2015.

But on a sad note, we also said goodbye to my wife’s mum Betty Van Schyndel, who passed away peacefully in January. Betty was a really lovely lady who was always a great support to us and our children Meg and Joe. She was much-loved by us and by all who knew her.




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7 Responses to blog 78: In which I look back over the past three months and try to remember what happened.

  1. Gavin says:

    Thanks for replying. By the way, I like the stand-alone Secret Agent Derek Danger Dale book, is the second one out yet? And can you let me know if you figured out which unit you are talking to?


    • mgbauer says:

      Second one is out and third one is due out in July. I won’t know who I will talking to until I contact the school in a few weeks time.


  2. Gavin says:

    Hi, I contacted you early august last year, blog 71. I told you that I was 10 years old, that I was a big fan of the Eric Vale books and that I wanted to make the first one in to a movie. I saw on my school calender that you are coming to my school (Palmerston primary, Canberra) on the 26th of June, I would really like to meet you and show you what my script was going to be, I’m pretty sure that you are only going to the 5/6 unit, so if it is possible, please comment back, thanks.


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Gavin
      Yes I’m at Palmerston on the 26th but I don’t know sure who I will be speaking to as this stage. Hopefully we will be able to catch up for a chat.


  3. A lovely wrap-up, Michael. 🙂 And very pleased to hear the YA ms is on its way at last. PS Is that a wobbly-plonk frog, or is it a pobbly-wonk? I might’ve made those species up, of course.


  4. Dimity Powell says:

    Well Michael, you still put me to shame. Three months’ worth of catch up you say. Once again, I’m inspired to pen my last three-years’-worth-of-catch-up-blog post – soon – ish. But really, that cicada collection of yours; it’s an April Fools Day joke, isn’t it?


  5. I’m very sorry for your loss.


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