A brief musical (?) interlude.

Before my next blog, a brief musical interlude from the Return of the Dugongs Concert at the White Ravens Festival in Munich with Timm, Holger, Michael, Thilo and Traugott from the Hamburg band GONE FISHIN’ and featuring Nicki von Tempelhoff on vocals.

I’m there too. I’m the one doing a poor imitation of singing while desperately (and occasionally unsuccessfully) trying to remember the words of my own songs.  Despite that, it was still one of the best nights of my life. (And yes, I miss the high five at the end. 😦 )

In the book the song Memory Sea is written by Ishmael’s father about his best friend and fellow Dugong’s band member, drummer Billy Mangan. Billy is tragically killed in a car accident just as it seems the band is on the verge of success. His death is also the end of the band, that is , until over 20 years later, they reform with a surprising replacement drummer for the Return of the Dugongs Concert …


I just turned around and you were gone
They said. ‘That’s how it is, life goes on.’
But every now and then I float away
And find myself adrift in yesterday.

And I’m drowning in a memory sea
I’m drowning in a memory sea
I’m drowning in a memory sea
But no-one there can rescue me.

All the things that used to ring so true
Turned into a lie when I lost you
And now I’m trying to find what I can see
In all the broken dreams you left for me.


I remember all the things you used to do
I loved you more than I ever knew
It’s time to leave the past behind I know
But I’m not sure that I can let you go



Blutenburg Castle: Home of the International Youth Library. The concert was held in a marquee in the courtyard near that big tree.


White Ravens Festival

Happy, excited concert audience … and then I started singing.

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