blog 54 (Where are you?): In which ERIC VALE OFF THE RAILS has an Epic Win and Joe and I make a video.

Recently ERIC VALE OFF THE RAILS was selected by the GET READING organisation as one of their 50 Books You Can’t Put Down for 2013.



And here is a very short video Joe and I put together about the making of the book: VIDEO.

And just because I like it, here’s the link again to Joe’s ERIC VALE EPIC FAIL TRAILER.

And just for your entertainment here’s Joe as his character FEX from the six part comedy TV series THE VOID explaining a basic special effect. CLICK HERE!

Now I’m off to do my last session at the BRISBANE WRITERS FESTIVAL. I’ve had a great few days there.


PS: If you want to see more of THE VOID and all the rest of Joe’s amazing film making projects with partner Rita, visit the ARTSPEAR ENTERTAINMENT webpage. (Parental Guidance Recommended)


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3 Responses to blog 54 (Where are you?): In which ERIC VALE OFF THE RAILS has an Epic Win and Joe and I make a video.

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  2. Gabbie says:

    I really like the video (I like the ending best!). And I cannot wait for the Eric Vale books to magically appear at the library (I can’t put it on hold because I owe $10 from overdues and holds and mum says I need to wait for the armistice at Christmas). A girl in my class says she saw you at the Brisbane Writers’ Festival, and I was really annoyed because I didn’t get to see you. Do you think you will be there next year? At least you can never get to old to read, I was so upset when I missed out on Out of the Box in grade 3 and realised I’d never be welcome there again!


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Gabbie
      Sorry you couldn’t get to the BWF. I don’t know whether I’ll be there next year yet. Hopefully, but they like to get different people in for variety so it might be sometime further in the future.
      Hope you like the Eric Vale books when you get your hands on them. Roll on the Christmas armistice!


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