BOOK LAUNCH – Eric Vale Epic Fail!

Doing anything on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 23rd?

You are?

Well don’t worry it’s not too late to cancel that crucial business meeting, postpone that wedding and abandoned that around the world trip of a lifetime to come to BLACK CAT BOOKS PADDINGTON in Brisbane in order to help me launch ERIC VALE EPIC FAIL onto an unsuspecting universe!

After all, I’ll be there even though there’s something I wanted to watch on TV that night and now I have to record it and watch it some other time. 😦 So if I’m willing to rearrange my entire life to get there, why not you?

We’re really hoping that the illustrator (and my son) JOE BAUER will be there as well but it will depend on the filming schedule of his new feature film AUSTRALIENS.

Joe’s trailer for Eric Vale Epic Fail is HERE.

Love to see you at Black Cat Books. Please share the launch info with anyone you think might be interested.



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6 Responses to BOOK LAUNCH – Eric Vale Epic Fail!

  1. Dyan says:

    Sorry I can’t be there. Send me the bill instead…


  2. Dimity Powell says:

    It means giving up Dr Chris Brown on the tellie, but as you are making a supreme sacrifice, thought we might as well too. Hubby’s work sched may throw a spanner in my finely tuned works but we’ll give it a go. Perhaps Steph will allow you to set up a screen to one side…just saying 😉


  3. elaineouston says:

    Wish I could be there Mike. I’ll be back home by then. Are you coming to Dimity’s launch at Black Cat on Sunday? if so so, will you please bring a copy of your book with you so I can have a signed copy?


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