Check out the trailer here for my new book for younger readers Eric Vale Epic Fail. The book is written by me and illustrated by my son Joe. Joe Bauer is an amazing young film-maker (script-writer, director, actor, editor and special effects) and talented artist and he created the trailer.

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7 Responses to New Book! ERIC VALE EPIC FAIL Out Now!

  1. Gabbie the Book Girl says:

    Wow! I cannot wait to get a copy, even if it is for younger readers. I know from reading nearly all of your books (I cannot find ‘You Turkeys Anywhere’, and because my school does ‘The Running Man’ in year nine so my friend said that it would be best to wait until then) that you are a brilliant author (yes, you made my top 10 authors list, and Ishmael made the top 10 series!) and I’m interested to see your son’s talents too. Black cat books is near where I live so I might even be there at a book launch!


  2. Ms Catherine Bauer says:

    Hi Mike, Loved the trailer. Is there going to be a launch? Cathy ________________________________


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Cath. Looks like there’ll be something on Friday 23rd Nov. at Black cat Books Paddington. It’s being finalised at the moment. Will definitely let everyone know.


  3. Elaine says:

    Great trailer, Michael. You are a very talented pair.


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