blog 35: People Who Didn’t Really Want To Be Photographed With Me But Couldn’t Find A Way To Get Out Of It. (Vol 1: Nos 1-4)

In this blog I kick off what I hope will be the start of a long running (possibly endless) series of photo posts loosely titled: People Who Really Didn’t Want To Be Photographed With Me But Couldn’t Find A Way To Get Out Of It.

To get the ball rolling, I managed to capture a few happy snaps recently at Black Cat Books Paddington while attending the very entertaining launch of the delightful Tania McCartney’s book Australian Story – An Illustrated Timeline.

1. Here I am with the beautiful and talented Tania McCartney at her book launch. The question remains – is Tania actually totally embarrassed to be seen with me, or is this just a case of surgical lip enhancement gone tragically wrong? The debate still rages. 

2.  Now, come on, this photo is definitely misleading. Angela Sunde (Pond Magic) who is standing behind me isn’t thinking “Get me outta here!” as it might look. She’s merely been distracted by something off camera. And of course Sheryl Gwyther (Secrets of Eromanga; Princess Clown) is clearly suffering from toothache. Seriously, these ladies love me!

3. With Dimity Powell (Book Links). Now honestly I think this photo is wide open to interpretation. The invisible thought bubble above Dimity’s head could read, “How much longer do I have to stand here next to this clown?” or on the other hand it might read, “If only I’d married this gorgeous, intelligent hunk, my life would be perfect!” Voting lines are now open. (Or come up with your own caption.)

4. This is me with Lai Peng Chan – actress, author, illustrator (One Lost Feather). Lai Peng has such a bubbly, outgoing, infectious personality which as you can see I have managed to crush completely by pressuring her to appear in this photo. Alternatively, it could just be that she’s actually thrilled to be in the shot and is giving the camera her best Zoolander Blue Steel look. I’d like to think the latter. 

The only conclusion any reasonable person could draw from all this, is that the camera often lies!

Watch out for Vol 2 of People Who Really Didn’t Want To Be Photographed With Me But Couldn’t Find A Way To Get Out Of It. Coming soon!


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10 Responses to blog 35: People Who Didn’t Really Want To Be Photographed With Me But Couldn’t Find A Way To Get Out Of It. (Vol 1: Nos 1-4)

  1. Michal says:

    Was being photographed exclusively with women a conscious decision?

    P.S. It was great to meet you!


  2. smileybella says:

    Of course it was lip surgery gone awry! Michael, your legendary amiability, charm, good looks and talent are only superseded by your dorky thumb moves. Love your work. xx


    • mgbauer says:

      For a second I was going to ban that your comment because of the hurtful ‘dorky thumb move’ barb. But luckily for you, the ‘legendary amiability, charm, good looks and talent’ bit just managed to edge you across the line! Fantastic meeting you Tania. I hope our paths cross again soon.


  3. Dale Byrne says:

    I think Dimity has just spotted another pesky little Gecko on the ceiling


  4. PS please excuse atrocious spelling mistakes. Got caught up in the flash cross fire of a thousand photos on the weekend with this wierd guy who grins an awful lot. Must be interferring with my on board spell check aka, temporal lobe.


  5. You got me at Number 4


  6. See what we have to put up with up here in northern climes with a certain Herr Bauer?!
    Watch out, it could be you appearing next in this Gallery of OMGGMOUHs! (oh, my god, get me out of heres) :O


  7. Elaine says:

    Having been photographed with you, now I’m nervous. lol


  8. Incorrigible. Me thinks you’re on a winner. This post series will either enhance your popularity a zillionith fold or completely quel all future public engagments to which you may have been invited. Second set of voting lines now open. 🙂


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