♦ 2022: Awarded The Dame Annabelle Rankin Award for Distinguished Services to Children’s Literature by the Queensland Branch of the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

♦ 01/07/2022: Rodney Forgets it! published in Australia and NZ.

♦ Sept 2021: The German language audio edition of  The Things The Will Not Stand (Dinge, die so nicht bleiben können) by Hörcompany wins the Children’s and Youth AUDIO BOOK OF THE YEAR as judged by the hr2 Jury. 

♦ Feb – 2021: The German language edition of  The Things The Will Not Stand (Dinge, die so nicht bleiben können) is awarded  the monthly LUCHS Prize for children’s and youth literature (February) by DIE ZEIT and Radio Bremen which puts it in the running for their Book of the Year . 

♦ 10/2019 The Things That Will Not Stand wins the 2019 PRIME MINISTER’S LITERARY AWARD in the YA book category.

♦ 10/2019 The Things That Will Not Stand selected in the WHITE RAVENS catalogue of recommended International Books.

♦ 09/2019 The Things That Will Not Stand short-listed for the 2019 PRIME MINISTER’S LITERARY AWARDS

♦ 02/2019 The Things That Will Not Stand a CBCA Older Readers NOTABLE

♦ 11/2018 Rodney Loses It! named SPEECH PATHOLOGY AUSTRALIA BOOK OF THE YEAR in the 3-5 yr category.

♦ 01/09/2018 The Things That Will Not Stand released.

♦ 17/08/2018 Rodney Loses It! wins the CBCA BOOK OF THE YEAR – EARLY CHILDHOOD

♦ 13/04/2018 World Premier of Don’t Call Me Ishmael: The Musical at the Schonell Theatre University of Queensland gets a standing ovation from the sell-out crowd of over 400 people.

♦ 26/03/2018 Rodney Loses It! shortlisted in the CBCA awards Early Childhood category.

♦ Don’t Call Me Ishmael – The Musical due to be performed 2018.

♦ German hardcover and audio editions of The Pain etc and Me released January 2018.

The Pain etc and Me short-listed for WAYRBA award.

♦ January 2017: A Turkish language edition of Don’t Call Me Ishmael to be published by Pagasus Yayinlari, Turkey.

♦ The Pain, My Mother, Sir Tiffy, Cyber Boy and Me released May 2016.

♦ April 2016 Daramalan College Canberra perform a stage version of Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs.

♦ Joe Bauer and I do our first ever presentation together to a sell out audience at the Brisbane Writers Festival.

♦ Secret Agent Derek ‘Danger’ Dale to be published in Brazil.

♦10th Anniversary Edition of The Running Man released.

♦Don’t Call Me Ishmael stage productions performed in Vienna and Dresden.

♦ Eric Vale series sold to Turkey, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Nth/Sth America (Spanish language version) Canada, India (English Language Ed) Asia (English language Ed)

♦ Eric Vale Super Male named as a 2014 CBCA NOTABLE BOOK.

Eric Vale Epic Fail wins 2014 BILBY AWARD

♦  scan0127 scan0126HEBREW Eds of DCM Ishmael & Just a Dog (OCT 2013)

♦ Eric Vale Off The Rails released in Australia &NZ (Aug 2013)

♦ Eric Vale Super Male released in Australia & NZ (April 2013)

♦ Eric Vale Epic Fail released in Australia & NZ (Nov 2012)

Ishmael and the Hoops of Steel shortlisted for CBCA Book of the Year for Older Readers. (April 2012)

♦ UK Edition of Don’t Call Me Ishmael released Feb 2012 followed by Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs and Ishmael and The Hoops of Steel.

♦ An Italian School edition of Don’t Call Me Ishmael (Non Chiamatemi Ismaele) published. (Oct 2011)

♦ Ishmael and the Hoops of Steel shortlisted for the Children’s Peace Literature Awards 2011 (Oct 2011)

♦ Just a Dog released in NORWAY as Bare en Hund.

♦ Don’t Call Me Ishmael! released in FRANCE as Appelez-moi Ismael: les Rebelles de Saint-Daniel

♦ September 6th: Just a Dog wins QLD PREMIER’S AWARD in the Children’s category.

Just a Dog awarded HONOUR BOOK in Younger Readers Category of the 2011 CBCA

♦ April 12: Just A Dog shortlisted for the 2011 CBCA Book of the Year in the Younger Readers category.

♦ The Australian Theatre for Young People in association with Riverside Theatre Sydney will be presenting a stage adaptation of Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs from 17-21 May 2011. See here for details.

10 Responses to LATEST NEWS

  1. Chris Barker says:

    Had the privilege of seeing Ishmael the musical last night at the Schonell theatre in Brissie. It was a wonderful production that had my 12 year old on his feet at the end to give a standing ovation. I wish that there were more shows because too many of my friends missed this chance and I would love to share it with them.


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Chris. So glad you and your son enjoyed the show. Thanks for coming and supporting it. What a wonderful night. The team who created it are hoping someone will take it up and there will be more performances in the future.


      • Dan Barker says:

        Dear Sir,
        Chris’ son Dan here. Mum told you I loved the play. Well just read your book in 2 day and loved it too.My favourite bit was when Scobie was roasting the bully.

        from Dan


        • mgbauer says:

          Hey Dan! Great to hear from you and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the book. I had a lot of fun writing the verbal battles between Scobie and Barry. Wouldn’t it be awesome to always have a deadly reply on hand like James? There’s two other Ishmael books if you want to follow the boys journey right through to the end of year 12. (Not trying to get you to buy my books. Honest! You can always just borrow them from the library.) Cheers Michael.


  2. Lindell says:

    I home school two sons with developmental problems and a form of ‘dyslexia’ – they’re 11 and soon to be 10. My younger son Greg just finished ‘Epic Fail’ given to us last Christmas by an ex-teacher friend. He says he loved it! It took us a long time to get through, things being the way they are with four kids and all our issues, but he’s really looking forward to ‘Eric Vale, Super Male’ now. I was wondering if there is yet a third installment in the series? Is it called “Off The Rails’?
    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you. I really appreciate the way way your writing and your son’s illustrations have brought some passion back into my son’s reading habits. Thank your son too. Greg is a prolific artist himself. He’d so love to write his own books. His ideas are great but he has limited avenues to express them properly at the moment as his written communication needs a lot of work. I’m hoping the enjoyment he gets from your writing will help him along.
    All the best.


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Lindell
      Thank you so much for writing. It is such a lovely thing to hear that the books have worked so well for your son. Yes the third book is out and called Off The Rails – all about aliens! (maybe). I’ve forwarded your message on to Joe. I know he will be as thrilled as I was to read it.
      Please say Hi to Greg from us.


  3. mgbauer says:

    Thanks so much for sharing those responses. I loved reading them! I didn’t post all of them because some contained ‘spoilers’.
    Hi again to all the 4s and 5s at Burdekin Christian College. Keep reading!
    ps Bree – my family used to have a big Pink Panther just like the one in the story but luckily none of our dogs tore it up!


  4. Donna Higginson says:

    Hi again from the Year 4/5 at the Burdekin Christian College Michael!

    The Year 4/5 had their library lesson today, but only the Year 4’s were at school, as the second half of the class were on an excursion off campus. I showed the Year 4’s your response, along with your Michael Gerard Bauer (Author) youtube clip. They have some personalised responses to “Just A Dog,” to share:

    To me the funniest part was…..

    “When Amelia dressed Mr Mosely up and rode him like a horse.” Jake
    “When Mr Mosely tore up the Pink Panther that was filled with styrofoam balls!” Bree
    “When Amelia drew on Mr Mosely with permanent markers.” Westley and Eliza


  5. Donna Higginson says:

    The Year 4/5 children of Burdekin Christian College loved your book “Just A Dog.” It was read, along with many of the other short listed books, but it was a stand out to them.


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Donna
      Thank you so much for taking the time to pass that on. I’m so glad the students liked it. I enjoyed writing that novel and a number of Mr Mosely’s stories were based on things that happened to dogs my family owned when I was a boy.
      Say hello to the 4s and 5s for me!


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