Wordless Language Panel.

Looking forward to being part of this great panel next Sunday September 25th 10 – 12 at the amazing IWAN BOOK SHOP at 608 Brunswick St, NEW FARM QLD 4005. https://iwanbookshop.com.au/

If you haven’t visited this independent multilingual Children’s (English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish and Persian) bookshop before do yourself a favour and come along and check out the beautiful selection of books and gifts.

There’ll be coffee, music and I can guarantee at least three quarters of the panel will have fascinating and intelligent insights into their stories and writing. I will lower the tone slightly by talking about Rodney Loses It! and Rodney Forgets It! among other things.

It’s FREE but you need to contact the store at info@iwanbookshop.com.au to book your place.

Love to see you there.

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