blog 51: In which I launch a new COMPETITION!

Every now and then a COMPETITION is announced that is so stupendously, mind-blowingly and earth-shatteringly gargantuan that it can only be described as REALLY BIG!

But while you’re waiting and hoping and praying for a COMPETITION like that to come your way, why not enter mine?



I have six Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs Soundtrack CDs to give away. Yes SIX! That’s the numerical equivalent of one for every digit on your left hand PLUS one digit from your right hand! Or vice-versa!!!!!

“But Michael, what exactly is an Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs Soundtrack CD?” I don’t hear you ask since I’m sitting at my computer and you’re probably miles and miles away.

Well these CDs are not commercially available anywhere, so it’s fair to say that they are rare collectors items. (Particularly if you are the sort of rare collector who collects things that normal people rarely collect.)

The CDs feature the 9 Dugongs tracks whose lyrics are found in the book. All the songs were recorded by the Hamburg band GONE FISHIN’ for the German Audio edition of Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs released by the wonderful HOERCOMPANY. Even though the CD was made in Germany, all the tracks are sung in ENGLISH.


A small quantity of CDs featuring just the songs was made mainly for the Band and the Publishers, their families and friends and other interested parties, including me. The songs aren’t full versions. They cover only the lyrics used in the novel to introduce the nine sections of the story. (I wrote additional lyrics when Gone Fishin’ and I performed the songs together at the White Ravens Festival in Munich in 2010.)

White Ravens Festival

You can sample one of the tracks from the CD here: The Very Best of Everything.

“So Michael, what do we have to do to win a CD?” I don’t hear you ask again for the same reasons I have covered earlier if you were paying attention.

Well I’ve kept it very simple because after  all, I know my readers. (Come on, I’m just kidding!)

Anyway, because I figure only the people who’ve read and liked THE ISHMAEL TRILOGY will be vaguely interested in entering this competition in the first place, all you have to do to go into the draw is to:

(1) Post a comment here on blog 51


(b) Just include in your post, any one of the 48 CHAPTER TITLES from Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs. (Try to choose a chapter title that appeals to you for some reason so we have a bit of variety. But it won’t matter if you happen to choose the same one as someone else. However if everyone just happens to pick the same title as the first person who posts, I reserve the right to throw up my hands in disgust and refuse to talk to any of you ever again!)

All entries will go into a draw next week sometime, but whoever posts the very first entry I receive will definitely win a CD.*

* NB: Even though ‘chance plays almost every part in this competition’, the judge’s decision will still be final and I will accept no responsibility whatsoever for anything that’s ever happened since the dawn of time till the end of civilisation as we now know it even if this whole contest turns out to be an elaborate Nigerian internet scam and you all end up bitter, bankrupt and on the streets as a result of your voluntary and obviously foolish participation.


 uk2scan0003scan0001Italian covergr 2fr 2

Finally a big thanks and best wishes go to the lovely Andrea (below left) and Angelika (below right) of Horcompany for their wonderful German Audio versions of all my books, for making my collaboration with Gone Fishin’ possible and for supplying the Dugongs Soundtrack CDs for the competition.

Cheers & good luck.

Munich 2010 070a

White Ravens Festival

Taking a final bow after the White Ravens Festival concert in Munich with GONE FISHIN’. Fantastic guys.

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22 Responses to blog 51: In which I launch a new COMPETITION!

  1. anette1809 says:

    Damn, I missed this competition, just saw at Tines Lesemomente-Blog, that she received a signed CD from you. AAARGH… you are one of two writers, I really really wish to get a sign one day, hope you come to Germany in the future and I can get one there 😉
    Cheers Anette


  2. mgbauer says:

    Hi All
    Congrats to everyone who entered. Competition now officially closed and the last two CDs are in the mail!


  3. Brandon says:

    Hello Mr Bauer,

    I was one of the students from the school that you visited on the 22nd of July and I thought you were very funny and inspirational. I hope you continue to write and I will continue to read your books. As for my favourite chapter, I found that ‘The Weatherman’s Daughter’ was a great way to end the book and shine some light on Ishmael’s and Kelly’s relationship. I hope I’m not too late but nevertheless thank you for inspiring me.


  4. Sharon Murray says:

    Hi Michael,

    Just reading your blogs, love the Ishmael series. “Moved to vomit” has a nice ring to it? Ok if I am too late for the cd 🙂 really just like the fact you’re going to read this!


  5. Alice says:

    Hi Michael,

    I don’t think you can go past “The Inaugural St Daniel’s College Crap-a-thon” as a chapter name! And afterall, what would the books be without Razza’s poem??

    I hope I’m not to late to enter your competition- I only saw the blog today!



  6. Farah the Writer says:

    Hi Michael

    I hope you’re well! Thanks for your newsletters – they’re really fantastic.

    I was reading Kid’s Book Review and your books are featured in a review.

    I’m sure you’ve seen it – but just in case!

    Take care and happy writing.

    Cheers Maureen Farah

    Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 03:55:17 +0000 To:


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Maureen
      So glad you’re enjoying the blogs. Thanks for posting that lovely review of Eric Vale Super Male. It’s been a joy being able to create that series with my son Joe and the feedback has been terrific.
      Happy writing to you too!


  7. Elaine Ouston says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing in the phone call in R-rated Cluedo so I have to add that one.


  8. Tine says:

    I don’t see any other comments here right now, that means I might be the first person to comment, unless you choose the setting, where you have to allow every single comment manually.
    BUT as I live in Germany, it might be possible that I’m not even allowed to join this competition: WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE 😉


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Tine. Yes unfortunately I did choose that setting. 😦 But the good news is that living in Germany doesn’t disqualify you, so you’re still in it. AND if only 4 more people respond in the next week, you’re certain to win!


    • mgbauer says:

      Hi Tine
      Thanks for entering the comp! If you’d like to send your postal address to I’ll get that CD in the mail for you.


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