you turkeys!

Jake and Anna’s dad loves his garden. So do the scrub-turkeys. Will they ever be able to share nicely?







You Turkeys! is a funny addition to the Mates series, a full colour illustrated chapter book for lower primary aged readers. Whilst the story is high in humour, and complemented by quirky illustrations, it also gives a gentle message about conservation and wildlife. (Aussie Reviews)

 Apart from the great characters and humour in You Turkeys!, I loved the resolution to this story and I’m sure that young readers will too. (Kids’ Book Capers)

TEACHERS NOTES: Scholastic Australia

IMG_20140908_164327   SAM_0639a

St Joseph’s Primary School Bardon                  With illustrator NAHUM ZIERSCH


4 Responses to you turkeys!

  1. jade says:

    I have been reading this book at school for Literature circles and it is a awesome book.


  2. Bec says:

    Have this exact situation in our back yard! :D


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