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blog 77: In which three men walk into a bar but I’m not sure why or who they are or what happens there.

I’ve been thinking a bit about HUMOUR recently because on Saturday JUNE 13th 2015 I’ll be presenting an all-day HOW TO WRITE FUNNY workshop at the GONDOR WRITERS’ CENTRE Kilcoy . You can see the other fantastic presenters and their workshop times and details … Continue reading

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REBLOG#6: (a blog from the backlog!) blog 11: In which I ponder whether a rose by any other name would just be confusing.

I’ll say it for you: “Haven’t changed a bit!” The story goes that I was given the name Michael because when my mother was pregnant with me, the old lady next door said something like, ‘Not long now till Michael … Continue reading

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blog 76: In which I just sit back and let Meg Bauer do all the work.

My daughter Meg is one of my all time favourite writers. Here’s a little piece she wrote a while back about an incident that happened to her on a Melbourne train. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intro: Train A girl is staring above her, … Continue reading

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A brief musical (?) interlude.

Before my next blog, a brief musical interlude from the Return of the Dugongs Concert at the White Ravens Festival in Munich with Timm, Holger, Michael, Thilo and Traugott from the Hamburg band GONE FISHIN’ and featuring Nicki von Tempelhoff on … Continue reading

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blog 75: In which I say a brief and belated goodbye to the last two months of 2014.

My brief recap on November and December: I had my last school visit for the year talking to the Year 9s at Mt Gravatt High who had studied Don’t Call Me Ishmael. Great kids, great school. I managed to break our duster … Continue reading

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blog 74: In which I attempt to break the Internet. READ ON!

Well it’s my first blog of 2015 and already I’m behind schedule! Not good. Here’s the thing. I have a desperate need to upgrade my Social networking skills, because in March this year I’m part of a seminar session at the Somerset Celebration of Literature Festival … Continue reading

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blog 73: In which I look back over October.

In a recent blog I out-lined some of my high, as well as a number of my medium-to-low, lights of July, August and September this year. But that wasn’t the end of it. Ooooooooooooh no. As soon as September finished, OCTOBER started up almost immediately! … Continue reading

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Warning: AUSTRALIENS set to invade!

This Friday our amazing son Joe Bauer and our equally amazing daughter-in-law Rita Artmann who together form Artspear Entertainment will be premiering their second full length feature film here in Brisbane. It’s an hilarious sci-fi comedy called AUSTRALIENS about a bizarre alien attack on Australia. … Continue reading

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Blog 72: In which I quickly recap 20 highlights of July, August and September.

ONCE AGAIN I have failed to keep my resolution of regular blogging and so I am forced to rapidly and haphazardly retrace my steps over the past three months. So here goes: 1. In July, Joe and I launched Secret Agent … Continue reading

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REBLOG: blog 22: In which I say, ‘Happy Father’s Day Dad’.

From before I was a toddler, till well into my teenage years, my father (like the dad in The Running Man) worked away from home, mainly in the Snowy Mountains Scheme, but later, up in the Bougainville mines in PNG. Mum … Continue reading

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